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Class of 1959 reunion – August 30, 2015


The reunion was a huge success. The food was great and the company and conversation 

even better. 


  ’59 classmates attending the reunion were:


Renee Kalp Hollis

Lewis Hartzell 

Barb Yanetsky Vadas 

Connie Fetter Bell

Ray White

Pat Ondus Norwicki

George Prasnitz

Jack Novotny

Janet Miller Lomicka

Beverly Horne Helfferich

Blaine Musgrove 

Francis Porch

Vernon Harr

Robert Zahuranic 

Virgil Hoyle

Betty Cochran       

Richard Kolling 

Joyce Queer Wiltrout

Darlene Honse Zalick

Mary Ann Kaputa Rakaczky.

Unable to attend were Bob Hetz and John Kalemba.


Jack Novotny welcomed everyone, Lou Hartzell gave the invocation. 

While the meal was being served Janet Miller Lomicka had a session of

"Do you remember” questions. Many reflections and remembrances were 

offered with much laughter. After the meal, a Class picture was taken 

outdoors at the gazebo. More conversation was held. Lou Hartzell showed 

up on another new motorcycle. It was quite a conversation piece.


There was some of discussion about when to hold are 57th reunion - the date is August 2017. 

If anyone has a suggestion for a location for the next reunion we would like to hear from you.  Our group is getting smaller and we may not meet minimums at our present restaurant. Send your recommendations to


Also - keeping the directory update - your help is needed. If you 

have any changes, please send them to Renee Kalp Hollis  - sewrenee@

Sunday, August 24, 2014 was another great reunion for our "Class of 1959".  It was our 55th high school class reunion since graduation. 


Everyone had a wonderful and beautiful day -- the day was filled with many wonderful memories just talking to everyone.   For those of you who didn't come, we missed you and YOU missed a lot.   The food was superb and our conversations were remarkable as we still have wonderful memories of our past high school years.    (Proms, dances, class plays, choral concerts, football and basketball games, band concerts, football half time, majorette & cheerleader practices, chemistry class, and homeroom craziness.)   Let's never forget those great times we had in high school as it was some of the best times and most wonderful times of our lives.  


Those in attendance were:

1.  Louise Albright Wilson & Bill  

2.  Paul Baum & Pat 

3.  Dean Black & Fe  

4.  Linda Burchell Hillis & Grant  

5.  Jerry Chirdon & Barb  

6.  Don Czeka & Sarah  

7.  Ginny Freeman Gosnell 

8.  Vivian George Bulebosh & John  

9.  Vernon Harr  

10.  Darlene Honse Zalick 

11.  Beverly Horne Helfferich & Fran  

12.  Pam Huey for Edgar Huey & Cathy 

13.  Renee Kalp Hollis & Paul 

14.  Dick Kolling & Nancy 

15.  Margie Kowatch Kashin & Jim 

16.  Carol Leasure Leshock 

17.  Janet Miller Lomicka & Alan 

18.  Don Myslewski  

19.  Jack Novotny & Treva 

20.  Sue Null Wojtanowski 

21.  Fran Porch & Darleen 

22.  George Prasnitz & Joan 

23.  Joyce Queer Wiltrout & Larry 

24.  Darwin Reese & Debra 

25.  Marge Shuba Huffman & Dan 

26.  Betsy Spisak Sherbondy & Jerry 

27.  Andrew Stefl & Joy 

28.  Bill Steiner & Connie 

29.  Ray White & Sandy 

30.  Janet Wilson Hawkins & daughter Amy 

31.  Barb Yanetsky Vadas & George 

32.  Bob Zahuranic & Mary Lou

Please plan to attend our next class reunion on Sunday, August 30, 2015 at Ferante's Lakeview here in Greensburg, PA.   Thank you everyone for coming to celebrate your 55th high school class reunion. 


Janet Miller Lomicka 

August 25, 2013


On Sunday, August 25, 2013 Hurst High School Class of 1959 classmates met at Ferante's Lakeview Restaurant in Greensburg, PA  to celebrate our 54th graduation from Hurst High School.  It was a GREATTTTTTTTTT day when we renewed old friendships and restored great memories.  The food at Lakeview was the absolute "BEST" but the friends who attended were even better.  It was an absolutely beautiful and wonderful day. 


14.  Carol Leasure Leshock

15.  Janet Miller Lomicka and Alan

16.  Jack and Treva Novotny

17.  Sue Null Wojtanowski

18.  Patty Ondus Nowicki and Ron

19.  Fran & Darlene Porch

20.  George Prasnitz

21.  Darwin and Debra Reese

22.  Dorothy Sapola O'Toole and Larry

23.  Marge Shuba Huffman and Dan

24.  Andrew & Joy Stefl

25.  Bill and Connie Steiner

26.  Ray and Sandy White

27.  Chuck and Loretta Wolfe 

1.  Louise Albright Wilson and Bill

2.  Paul and Pat Baum 

3.  Don and Sara Czekaj

4.  Vernon Harr

5.  Lewis Hartzell and Diane Wood

6.  Darlene Honse Zalek

7.  Beverly Horne Helfferich and Fran 

8.  Renee Kalp Hollis and Paul

10.  Maryann Kaputa Rakaczky

11.  Paul Kirik

12.  Richard and Nancy Kolling

13.  Dan and Elaine Kurpiel



Those who attended from out of town included:  Louise Albright Wilson from New York, Bev Horne Helfferich and Lewis Hartzell from FLorida, Renee Kalp Hollis from Alberquerque, New Mexico and Jack Novotny from Ohio.  Robert Hetz from California had planned on attending but was unable to join us.  It was nice to have some new faces -- Andrew and Joy Stefl joined us. 


We really missed all of you who have come in the past but were not able to be with us for our 54th reunion.  It was a great celebration as we continued our conversations with a Post Reunion "Get Together" at Monday's Union Restaurant in Marguerite, PA.  There were 18 of us who followed our memories to Monday's.  

Click here to view reunion photos.

 Janet L. Miller Lomicka, Hurst High School Class of 1959




August 30, 2011


Hurst High School Class of 1959 held their 52nd high school class reunion on Sunday, August 28, 2011 at Bell's Banquets in Laurelville, PA. Those in attendance were: 


Paul and Pat Baum 

Loretta Bishop Sickels

Margaret Carey

Jerry & Barb Chirdon

Betty Jean Cochran Morris and daughter Robyn

Russell and Dorothy Erwin

Carol Fess Danser

Vernon Harr

Lewis Hartzell

Robert Hetz

Beverly Horne Helfferich & Fran

Virgil Hoyle

John Kalemba

Renne Kalp Hollis and Paul

Mary Ann Kaputa Rakaczky and Ernie

Richard and Nancy Kolling

Daniel and Elaine Kurpiel

Carol Leasure Leshock

Kay Lowery Brinker and John

Janet Miller Lomicka and Alan

Susan Morgan Weitzel and Harry

Jack and Treva Novotny

Sue Null Wojtanowski and Ed 

Mary Louise Ondrizek Pensy and John

Patty Ondus Nowicki and Ron

George Prasnitz and Joan Tua

Joyce Queer Wiltrout and Larry

Gregory and Jean Semensky

Agnes Sibal Sliwoski and Stan

William and Connie Steiner

Ray and Sondra White

Janet Wilson Hawkins and Dean

Nellie Wingrove Fisher and Grafton

Chuck and Loretta Wolfe

Barbara Yanetsky Vadas and George

Robert and Mary Lou Zahuranic


Out of towners were Betty Cochran Morris who came up from Tennessee, Robert Hetz from California along with Beverly Horne Helfferich and Lewis Hartzel both from Florida, Renee Kalp Hollis from Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Jack Novotny from Ohio/Florida. 

Newcomers who attended (those who have either never come or hadn't been there in a while) were:  Loretta Bishop Sickels, Russell Erwin, Robert Hetz, Virgil Hoyle, Sue Morgan Weitzel and Nellie Wingrove Fisher.

We missed all those who did not come.  But everyone who came seemed to enjoy the day -- eating and socializing.  The food was wonderful and the day was beautiful.  Even more beautiful were the classmates who came to enjoy it.  It was a GREAT day!


Janet Miller Lomicka



May 23, 2010


Local classmates of Hurst High School, Class of 1959 met on Sunday, May 23, 2010 at Bell's Steak and Sea House in Laurelville, PA to renew memories and restore old friendships.  I think that everyone had a GREAT time. Twenty eight classmates plus guests (a total of 51) attended the wonderful "brunch" in the foothills of the Laurel Mountains.


Eight classmates and guests joined  us who had not attended either the  50th in August 2009 or the midterm local classmates reunion in November 2009.  They include:


Mike Dzurica and Marie from Mt. Pleasant

Dan Kurpiel and Elaine from Greensburg, PA

Helen Hoyman Snyder from Ligonier, PA

Joyce Hoyman Morgan from Mt.  Pleasant, PA

Mary Louise Ondrizek Pensy and John from West Sunbury, PA

Patty Solo Gumbita and Bob from Mt. Pleasant

Margaret Carey

Violet  Wilson Quashnock and Emro


Some classmates traveled quite a distance to attend:


Louise Albright and Bill traveled from  Whitesboro, New York

Beverly Horne Helfferich and Fran flew in from The Villages in Lady Lake, Florida,

Jack Novotny  and Treva flew in from Vero Beach, FL,

Patty Ondus Nowicki and Ron drove in from Dallastown, PA


And the more local classmates included:


Jerry Chirdon and Barb

Vernon Harr

Mary Ann Kaputa Rakaczky and Ernie

Patty Koval Kissinger and Gary

John Kalemba

Carol Leasure Leshock

Janet Miller Lomicka and Alan

Sue Null Wojtanowski and Ed

Margaret Poole Queer and Jim

George Prasnitz and Joan

Joyce Queer Wiltrout and Larry

Dorothy Sapola O'Toole and Larry

William Steiner and Connie

Ray White and Sandy

Janet Wilson Hawkins

Barbara Yanetsky Vadas and George


Everyone really liked the food and the fellowship was awesome.  A class picture as well as individual photo's were taken for memories. Click here to view Photo Albums for all recent events


A very special thanks to everyone who attended and those that helped make the day very special for everyone including:


Jack Novotny for the "table cards" and the "Last Will and Testament" of our senior class from the Hurstonian.

Carol Leasure Leshock for the name badges.

Janet Wilson Hawkins for the Invocation and Blessing of the food.

Renee Kalp Hollis, Beverly Horne Helfferich, and Sue Null Wojtanowski for contacting classmates.

Patty Ondus Nowicki for taking charge of compiling the information for  the  "character tablets". She is also forming a group to keep us informed of sick and bereaved classmates.


.Please complete the information for the "character tablets" ASAP so the information can be compiled into a nice booklet.  Only those who participate will be given this information and be able to join in on the "fun" in August 2011.   You'll want to be a part of this one.


Janet Miller Lomicka, May 27, 2010

November 8, 2009

Hurst High School Class of 1959 Post Class Reunion


 Hurst High School Class of 1959 met at the Lamplighter Restaurant, Delmont, PA. on Sunday, November 8, 2009.  There were a total of 53 classmates, spouses and friends who enjoyed an afternoon together socializing, eating, and just having fun.   Of the 53 in attendance, 11 classmates attended who did not make the 50th Reunion on August 30, 2009.

Joe Golkosky and his wife Joan came from Portage, Michigan along with Jack Novotny and his wife Treva who drove down from Ohio and Patty Ondus Nowicki and her husband Ron who came in from Dallaswown, PA.  Also attending were:  

Rosemary Bulebosh Bayura

Linda Burchell Hillis and Grant

Jerry and Barb Chirdon

Donald and Brenda Fisher

Virginia Freeman Gosnell

Vivian George Bulebosh and John

Vernon Harr

Norm Heller

John Kalemba

Virginia Karinchak Detore and Ken

Richard and Nancy Kolling

Margie Kowatch Kashin

Carol Leasure Leshock

Kay Lowery Brinker

Janet Miller Lomicka and Alan

Sue Null Wojtanowski and Ed

Peggy Poole Queer and Jim

George Prasnitz and Joan Tua

Joyce Queer Wiltrout and Larry

Dorothy Sapola O'Toole and Larry

Marge Shuba Huffman and Dan

Aggie Sibal Sliwoski and Stan

Betsy Spisak Sherbondy

Bill and Connie Steiner

Linda Strandberg Mott

Ray and Sondra White

Janet Wilson Hawkins

Chuck and Loretta Wolfe

Barb Yanetsky Vadas and George

I can say that everyone seemed to have a GREAT time and we missed all of our local classmates who did not attend.  Our next class get together will be on Sunday, May 23rd, 2010.


Report submitted by Janet Miller Lomicka - November 2009


(Use the the Photo Album link at the top of this page to view November 8th photos.)

Class of 1959 Fiftieth Year Reunion


Hurst High School Class of 1959 met at DeNunzio's Chop House at Arnold Palmer Airport in Latrobe, PA on August 30, 2009 to rekindle old friendships and meet new friends.   It was an awesome afternoon and evening.


Carol Leasure Leshock was the M.C. and in charge of the event along with her committee which was comprised of Virginia Freeman Gosnell, Kay Lowery Brinker,  and Janet Wilson Hawkins.  Renee Kalp Hollis was also given special acknowledgements for finding a lot of our lost classmates. 


The social hour was followed by the class photograph, invocation and memorial to deceased classmates.  After a wonderful dinner served by DeNunzio's, welcome remarks and acknowledgments werre made by Carol Leasure Leshock.  


23 classmates are deceased, including Regis Ferlin, Constance Lessman Sirianna, Louis Cid, Donald Smith, Gerald Lawrence, John Cook, Daniel Fidda, Thomas Bohatch, Ramonda Machusko Lessick, Dolores Seaman, Mary Esther Fultz Novotny, Mary Ann Kwak Prevenslik, Lewis Scott, John Koshar, Esther Nemeth Schall, Margaret Zeglin Spallone, William Yesho, Elaine Oravets, Judity Balash Sossa, Ronald Leonard, Jonalyn Matecko Verna, Richard Pavel, Catherine Clawson Stinebiser and Paul Rudy.   


Those classmates in attendance were:   Louise Albright Wilson of Whitesboro, NY, Linda Appel Colson of Stone Harbor, NJ, Paul Baum of Latrobe, PA., Rosemary Bulebosh Bayura of Latrobe, PA, Mary Louise Casner Savage of Bremerton, WA, Bette Cochran Morris of Knoxville, TN, Janet Downs Dorey of San Antonio, TX, Carol Fess Danser of Greensburg, PA, Virginia Freeman Gosnell of Export, PA, William Hamel of Bluffton, SC,


Lewis Hartzell of Leesburg, FL, Darlene Honse Zalick of Mt Pleasant, PA, Beverly Horne Helfferich of The Villages, FL, Edward Hunter of Chatsworth, CA, Imo Husak Norouzi of Aliso Viejo, CA, Renee Kalp Hollis of Albuquerque, NM, Mary Ann Kaputa Rakaczky of Greensburg, PA, Paul Kirik of Moline, IL, Richard Kolling of Jeannette, PA,


Patricia Koval Kissinger of Connellsville, PA, Margaret Kowatch Kashin of Pitsburgh, PA, Carol Leasure Leshock of Greensburg, PA, Kay Lowery Brinker of Norvelt, PA, Janet Miller Lomicka of Greensburg, PA, Blaine Musgrove of Georgetown, SC, Donald Myslewski of North Huntingdon, PA,Jack Novotny of Vero Beach, FL,


Sue Null Wojtanowski of Mt Pleasant, PA, Patricia Ondus Nowicki of Dallastown, PA, Margaret Poole Queer of Hunker, PA, Francis Porch of Overland Park, KS, Georgwe Prasnitz of Latrobe, PA, Wayne Pritts of Webster Groves, MO, Mary Ann Puskar Bradford of Orlando, FL, Michael Puskar of Mt Pleasant, PA


Joyce Queer Wiltrout of Washington, PA, Darwin Reese of Austin, PA, Betsy Spisak Sherbondy of Latrobe, PA, William Steiner of Mt Pleasant, PA, Linda Strandberg Mott of Mt Pleasant, PA, Ray White of Freeport, PA, Janet Wilson HAwkins of Mt Pleasant, PA, Chuck Wolfe of Greensburg, PA,  Barbara Yanetsky Vadas of Bradenville, PA, Robert Zahuranic of Latrobe, PA.    


It was just a wonderful time for those of us who attended.    We all missed a lot of our classmates who did not attend and we're hoping that in year 2011, more of us will come out and renew old friendships once again.


The All Class Reunion, which was held at the Roosevelt Room in Norvelt, PA on August 29, 2009  was also attended by Vivian George Bulebosh, Linda Burchell Hillis, Barbara Weightman Yothers, and Tom Yothers, who did not attend the Class of 1959 dinner and reunion on August, 30th.


Report submitted by Janet Miller Lomicka - Sept 2009


(Use the the Photo Album link at the top of this page to view Class of 1959 Reunion photos.)   

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