Hurst Majorette Reunions

August 29, 2015

On Saturday,  August 24, 2013, there were 22 majorettes who came together to celebrate and reminisce about our fabulous years as Hurst High School majorettes at  Bob Evans Restaurant in Greengate Circle, Greensburg, PA.  The majorettes ranged in years of graduation from 1943 through 1963.    

This was the second All Class Majorette Reunion for Hurst High School.   We just had a great time sharing stories and reminiscing about our  high school years as majorettes.  

The oldest majorette who attended is 87 years old and she said that her graduation class in 1943 was the very first majorettes for Hurst High School.  She was one of 6 who graduated that year.  She thinks she may be the only surviving majorette from her class.  

We can remember marching at a football game at Ramsay High School and our majorette boots got stuck in the mud, losing our batons on occassion, and even getting rained upon and having our leg makeup run down our legs.  We remember of marching in parades and going to majorette camp at Oglebay Park in West VA.

1950 was the first year of "the sweater girl's" -- the letters     H  U   R   S   T.

1952 was the first year for Hurst majorettes to twirl fire batons at a home game against Greensburg High School majorettes.  I am told that the Hurst majorettes really showed up the Greensburg majorettes that year.  How exciting that must have been.    

Indeed they were the best times of our high school years.  We loved every minute of every event that we attended with the Hurst High School Band.  We had the best majorettes and the best band in town. 

Janet L. Lomicka, Hurst Majorette 1959

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The very first Hurst High School "Majorette" reunion, organized by Janet Miller Lomicka, was held on Saturday, August 27, 2011 at the Bob Evans Restaurant in New Stanton, PA. Pictures and memories were shared by those of us who attended.  (16 of us)   It was a fun morning.  Mt Pleasant Journal photographer took pictures.  

Those in attendance were: 


1.  Louise Swiderski Smith, class of 1948

2.  Phyllis Kocinski Hudak, class of 1949

3.  Mary Agnes Takitch Dillon, class of 1950

4.  Betty Adamrovich Dragovich, class of 1951

5.  Evelyn Mondock DePalma, class of 1953

6.  Ann Miller Hails, class of 1953

7.  Marlene Cook Coking, class of 1954

8.  Shirley Smith Yohman, class of 1955

9.  Josy Whisdosh Walton, class of 1956

10.  Patricia Wisniewski Stahl, class of 1956

11.  Rosemarie Swiderski Fobell, class of 1956

12.  Lois White Kinneer, class of 1957

13.  Janet Miller Lomicka, class of 1959

14.  Beverly Horne Helfferich, class of 1959

15.  Romayne Mayernik Hunter, class of 1960

16.  Bernadette Urban, class of 1961


Beverly Horne traveled up from Florida, Rosemarie Swiderski Fobell from Ohio, and Lois White Kinneer from West Virginia. 

Thanks to all of those who helped to organize this very first event.  Thank you all for coming.  It was a great morning.


Janet Miller Lomicka


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